The discussions and negotiations resulted out of the Rio+20 Conference in 2012 and culminated on 25 September 2015 in the adoption of the new agenda entitled “Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

IUCN has been actively engaging in the negotiations since the Rio+20 Conference to ensure that the new agenda would promote sustainable development in all its dimensions. IUCN envisions sustainable development as a path that leads to a just and prosperous world, which values and conserves nature by ensuring, through effective and equitable governance, that its resources are used sustainably. This vision has guided IUCNs interactions throughout the negotiations.

IUCN has been flying the environmental flag high during the discussions at the United Nations, arguing for a true integration of the environmental, social and economic dimensions. It has been underlining that nature provides important solutions for some of todays’ challenges and thus called for fully integrating environmental considerations into the social and economic dimension of sustainable development. Cognizant of the need to ensure policy coherence at the global level, IUCN also promoted building upon existing commitments, like the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Lastly IUCN also called for the inclusion of governance aspects in the SDGs and for ensuring accountability in its monitoring mechanism.

IUCN has released analytical material such as policy briefs and position papers, stressed the key messages at the negotiations and related international events and organized a series of side events to debate the options for the framework and the best way forward.

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