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Third plenary meeting of IPBES (IPBES-3), 12-17 January 2015, Bonn, Germany. 

09 Jan 2015 | Event


Second plenary meeting of IPBES (IPBES-2)

9-14 December 2013
Antalya, Turkey

This meeting is expected to put in place a 5-year work programme for the Platform and agree on the stakeholder engagement strategy. The meeting will also address financial and budgetary arrangements for the Platform and rules and procedures for the operations of the Platform, including for the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel. …  

26 Nov 2013 | Event


Fourth IPBES Stakeholder Day

7-8 December 2013
Antalya, Turkey 

This meeting aims at providing first-time IPBES Plenary participants with an opportunity to understand the way IPBES works and discussing the engagement of stakeholders in IPBES, with a focus on the ways and means to implement the stakeholder engagement strategy to support the implementation of the work programme of IPBES. It will also engable exchanging views on the different topics on the agenda of IPBES-2, having a dedicated exchange of views with representatives of the Bureau and Multidisciplinary Expert Panel of IPBES and drawing out elements for a collective statement to be delivered at the opening of the session on behalf of interested observer organisations. …  

26 Nov 2013 | Event


Panel discussion prior to IPBES-2

14 November 2013
Washington D.C., USA

The event touched upon an overview of the intersessional activities which have taken place in 2013, and some of the key issues that will be addressed in the Second Plenary session in December 2013, including the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and some of the thematic and methodological assessments that have been proposed as priorities for the IPBES Work Programme 2014-2018. …  

14 Nov 2013 | Event

Convention on Biological Diversity

17th meeting of the CBD Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA-17)

14-18 October 2013
Montreal, Canada

This meeting of scientific body of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) addressed collaboration with IPBES, among other issues. SBSTTA agreed to transmit to IPBES its key findings on scientific and technical needs related to the implementation of the CBD Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and its Aichi targets. It will also collaborate with IPBES regarding the first IPBES work programme in 2014-2018. …  

14 Oct 2013 | Event


IPBES regional consultation meetings

July-November 2013
Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean …  

11 Jul 2013 | Event

Indigenous Woman, Ecuador

Contribution of Indigenous and Local Knowledge Systems to IPBES

9-11 June 2013
Tokyo, Japan

This international expert and stakeholder Workshop aimed to examine and identify procedures and approaches for working with indigenous and local knowledge systems in the framework of IPBES, and review and assess possible conceptual frameworks for the work of IPBES that are based on or accommodate indigenous and local knowledge systems and worldviews. …  

09 Jun 2013 | Event

Participants of the workshop on drafting a stakeholder engagement strategy for IPBES, May 2013

Workshop on Drafting a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for IPBES

29-30 April 2013
Paris, France

This workshop brought together experts with experience and knowledge in the engagement of researchers, conservationists, indigenous peoples, local communities and the private sector to produce the first version of a draft stakeholder engagement strategy to support the implementation of the IPBES work programme. …  

29 Apr 2013 | Event

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First plenary meeting of IPBES (IPBES- 1)

21-26 January 2013
Bonn, Germany

The meeting will aim to agree on the remaining rules of procedures for the meetings of the platform, consider other rules of procedure for the platform, elect Bureau and Multidisciplinary Expert Panel members, and agree on the next steps by which the IPBES work programme can become operational as soon as possible. …  

21 Jan 2013 | Event


Third IPBES Stakeholder Day

20 January 2013
Bonn, Germany

Building on previous such stakeholders' consultations held prior to the two sessions that discussed modalities and institutional arrangements for IPBES (Nairobi 2011, and Panama 2012, respectively), this informal exchange represents an opportunity for all non-governmental stakeholders interested in IPBES to informally exchange information and discuss issues related to IPBES. …  

20 Jan 2013 | Event

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