Gender and Climate Change manual now available in Arabic!

25 February 2011 | Downloads - publication

IUCN's influential manual on gender and climate change is now available in Arabic.

For many years there has been the assumption that the negative impacts of climate change and the efforts to mitigate them have similar effects on both women and men. However, the world has progressively recognized that women and men experience climate change differently, and that gender inequalities worsen women’s coping capacity.

It has also been acknowledged that women are important actors of change and holders of significant knowledge and skills related to mitigation, adaptation, and the reduction of risks in the face of climate change, making them crucial agents in this area. Consequently, there is an urgent need to adopt a gender-responsive approach towards climate change policy making and programming.

This publication, now available in Arabic, responds to the needs of policy makers and climate change scientists to understand and address better the gender dimensions of climate change. It clarifies the linkages between gender and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

This practical tool aims at increasing the capacity of policy and decision makers to develop gender-responsive climate change policies and strategies.