Cameron logging road

Forests are under the spotlight as never before. They are globally important in regulating climate and locally important in sustaining communities and supporting biodiversity. But with unsustainable logging, and agriculture and biofuel producers competing for land, forests, and the people who depend on them, are under increasing pressure.

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Stewart Maginnis (IUCN), Shira Yoffe (US Forest Service) and Jean Muneng (DRC) discuss large-scale restoration ambition

Forest Focus at COP21: Moving from making the case for restoration to making it work

Tuesday, 1 December marked a day of Forest Focus as part of the Lima to Paris Action Agenda (LPAA), with forest and land use events taking place across the COP21 programme. Speakers at the LPAA’s high-level press event included His Royal Highness Prince Charles, whose message that “Restoration of forests and forest landscapes should not be an afterthought,” resonated widely among participants and delegations …  

03 Dec 2015 | Article

Ancient savanna of Gabon's Bateke Plateaux

Restoring the world’s ecosystems: more than planting trees

Getting answers to the right questions before any restoration intervention helps ensure effective and healthy ecosystem regeneration, especially in savannas and grassy biomes …  

30 Nov 2015 | Blogs

CEESP Youth Member, Olivia Sylvester, contributes to the Indigenous Peoples' Rights to Food in Protected Areas at the Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation Conference in Costa Rica.

Forest Landscape Restoration: a forward-looking approach to food security

Linking forests and food security through knowledge-sharing communities and a new IUCN publication coming this December …  

27 Nov 2015 | Blogs

The many faces of our forests

Keeping carbon down and forests up

For the past two months, IUCN has explored how REDD+ and sharing its benefits are helping people and the planet. This recap highlights our series and looks ahead to COP21 and beyond. …  

24 Nov 2015 | Article

Tales of Water, a Child's View. Tanzania 2005.

Valuing natural capital key to tackling climate change – says IUCN

Edinburgh, UK, 23 November 2015 -- IUCN Director General Inger Andersen highlighted the vital role of natural capital in addressing climate change in a keynote speech at the World Forum on Natural Capital, which opened today in Edinburgh, UK. …  

23 Nov 2015 | Article

A challenge of REDD-plus is to compensate lost income from farmers that choose to conserve forests. This picture shows a Cocoa farmer in Cameroon

Forests for the climate - full schedule of forest events at COP21 now available

Join us at the IUCN Pavilion in Paris for the latest breakthroughs and nature-based solutions to climate change …  

20 Nov 2015 | Article

Fruit and vegetable market in Peru

Seeing carbon as the “co-benefit” in REDD+ benefit sharing

Preliminary results from IUCN’s ongoing nature dependency studies in Ghana, Mexico and Peru underscore why REDD+ benefit sharing first needs to understand how communities rely on forests before setting up the right incentives for implementing REDD+ strategies …  

17 Nov 2015 | Article

Erosion due to logging in Papua

Indonesia’s Papua provinces link REDD+ benefit sharing with local forest governance efforts

Leveraging local Forest Management Units and customary boundaries mapping to build REDD+ governance and benefit sharing arrangements is playing an important role in Indonesia’s national climate plans, forest tenure reforms and green growth strategy …  

09 Nov 2015 | Article

Sunrise at Doi Ang Khang

Forests and land use at the heart of the action at COP21

Join us at the IUCN Pavilion in Paris …  

04 Nov 2015 | Blogs


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