New brief on findings from national forest governance assessments

07 December 2011 | News story

Between 2005 and 2009, the IUCN project Strengthening Voices for Better Choices (SVBC) sought to improve the effectiveness of forest governance in six key tropical forest countries: Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), Ghana, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Viet Nam.

SVBC recognised that to improve forest governance requires an understanding of the policy, regulatory and institutional obstacles to managing forests sustainably. To that end, the project sponsored participatory assessments of each country’s forest sector aimed at identifying and situating national governance concerns within an overall framework informed by global experience in natural resource governance.

This new brief summarises the findings of the SVBC national assessments, and is based on a synthesis of the assessments prepared for SVBC in 2010 by Patricia Moore, Thomas Greiber and Saima Baig.

The brief can be downloaded from the link opposite, together with the full synthesis report, Strengthening Voices for Better Choices: Forest governance and law enforcement: Findings from the field.

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