Humans have been restoring degraded lands for millennia. The knowledge that exists on how we can restore - and why we should - is truly incredible. Modern examples of successful restoration abound.

Nevertheless, as we try to restore the world's degraded lands - and acheive the amibitious goal of the Bonn Challenge - significant barriers exist to implementing forest landscape restoration at the scale and over the time period required for success. In many countries, there is a lack of crucial biophysical and socioeconomic data for landscape planning and evaluation. In others, enabling conditions for restoration, such as supportive national policies, have yet to be put in place.

To help address these and other challenges, IUCN, with support from the UK Government, launched the Knowledge and Tools for Forest Landscape Restoration (Know-For-FLR) project in 2012.

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Where We Work

Under the Knowledge For FLR project, we've already partnered with more than a dozen organizations across the world to improve the way knowledge on restoration is used and understood. The map below presents some of our main project areas and places where we hope to begin supporting work soon. These countries and regions represent those that either have great potential for restoration, great need and interest, or are places where IUCN and our members and partners have worked in the past to deliver real benefits to people and the planet.