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Tree, Cameroon

Liberia Timber Sanctions: To Lift or Not to Lift? That is the Question

The UN imposed timber sanctions on Liberia in 2003 because ‘blood timber’ was funding civil war. Lifting sanctions will be considered by the UN next week - a critical time in terms of ongoing forest sector reforms and advances made by the Liberian Government under President Sirleaf. But have the conditions for the lifting of sanctions been met? …  

02 Jun 2006 | News story

IUCN, Philippines FLR National workshop.

Philippines hosts the first national FLR workshop in Asia

Nearly 60 percent of Philippine’s official forest land lacks any forest cover today, and only 15 percent of the remainder is covered by closed forests. To help address this problem, a national training workshop on Forest Landscape Restoration, co-organized by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) was held recently. …  

26 May 2006 | Event

Map of landscape options, Liberia

Forest Landscape Restoration Gives Liberia Unique Opportunity to Rehabilitate Refugee Camps

The recently held UNEP-sponsored workshop on Population Displacement and the Environment on the impact of population displacement on environment in Liberia comes at a timely moment for this war-torn country. …  

09 May 2006 | Event

Rights and Resources Initiative logo

Efforts to Strengthen Local Rights to Own and Use Forests and Fight Rural Poverty

Stating that the ambitious global effort to radically reduce poverty will fail unless it focuses on the 1.6 billion people who rely on forests for their livelihoods, a coalition of organizations has launched an international initiative advocating for stronger community rights to own and use forests and develop sustainable forest-based economies. The group, including IUCN, aims to assist communities and governments to double the global forest area under community ownership and management by 2015. …  

04 May 2006 | International news release

Silas Siakor accepting the Goldman Prize in San Francisco.

Goldman Environmental Prize goes to SDI Liberia

The World Conservation Union (IUCN) extends its warmest congratulations to Silas Siakor of Liberia, a winner of this year’s Goldman environmental Prize, awarded in San Francisco California last week. SDI and Mr Siakor have been valuable partners of IUCN’s Forest Conservation Programme, working on critical issues related to forest concession review and reform, as well as initial efforts to introduce the African Forest Law Enforcement and Governance process in Liberia. …  

03 May 2006 | International news release

IUCN's field-testing team on biodiversity

How do tropical production forests contribute to biodiversity conservation?

IUCN begins field testing of revised ITTO guidelines for biodiversity conservation in tropical production forests in Brazil, Cameroon, Indonesia and Guyana. …  

01 May 2006 | Project description

Workshop, Ghana

Forest Landscape Restoration to meet Ghana’s deforestation challenges

In Ghana, the total forest cover has declined from 7.5. million hectares to 6.3 million hectares between 1990 and 2000, and the current rate of deforestation is estimated at three percent per year. Forest Landscape Restoration, which aims at regaining ecological integrity and enhancing human well-being in deforested or degraded forest landscapes, is the World Conservation Union's response to Ghana's challenges. …  

08 Feb 2006 | News story

View of logging road in the Cameroon Forests