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Arborvitae covers the most important issues currently affecting how forest resources are used and governed.

Arborvitae cubre los temas más importantes que actualmente inciden en cómo se utilizan y gobiernan los recursos forestales.

Arborvitae étudie les sujets les plus importants en matière d’utilisation et de gestion des ressources forestières.

arborvitae Issue 45 - Forest Landscape Restoration: Potential and Impacts

arborvitae Issue 45 - Forest Landscape Restoration: Potential and Impacts

  • Global restoration of forest landscapes - where are the opportunities? What are the benefits?
  • Spotlight on the Bonn Challenge, the largest restoration inititative the world has ever seen.
  • "What forest restoration means to me" - Interviews with humanitarian Bianca Jagger, filmmaker John Liu and many more. 
  • Assessing restoration potential at the national and subnational level.
  • Mobilizing support for the global restoration movement.

13 Jun 2014 | Downloads - publication

Cover of arborvitae Issue 44

arborvitae Issue 44 - Forests: a legal challenge

  • Where there is no title: Security of tenure is neither a sufficient nor a necessary condition for trust and confidence about future benefits.
  • Feature: Customary laws can have a significant influence on access to – and use of – land and forests in many countries.
  • Tigers or tribals: The rules set down in the law certainly fall short of expectations and make its implementation difficult.

31 Oct 2011 | Downloads - publication

arborvitae 43: Intégration de l’égalité des genres

arborvitae Issue 43 - Attending to gender

  • Women and forest ownership: Providing secure tenure rights to both genders can promote sustainable forest management and poverty alleviation.
  • Feature: Now is the time for the forestry and environment community to recognize that women are primary stakeholders of forest management schemes.
  • Women and community forestry: Women spend significantly more time in forests than men do.
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08 Mar 2011 | News story

arborvitae 42 - La comunicación sobre el valor de los bosques

arborvitae Issue 42 - Communicating Forest Values

  • What is a forest? best something nice to look at, somewhere to walk their dog, a refuge from the hurly-burly of daily life.
  • How sexy are forests? as a forest have to realise that most people take decisions not based on the head, but on the heart, guts and sex.
  • Perspective: ...kill the extinction message. The 'Love' message trumps the 'Loss' message for grabbing the public's attention.
  | French | Spanish

21 Jan 2011 | Downloads - publication

Arborvitae 41

arborvitae Issue 41 - Forest finance

 Forest finance

  • Livelihoods and landscapes: So far, the expectations of PES as a market-based solution for conservation and development have not been met.
  • Feature: Do public goods always have to remain public?
  • REDD: We cannot wait to act on REDD-plus.
  • Local forests: Why, despite their global significance, has so little external investment flowed to local forest enterprises – especially in the South?
  | French | Spanish

17 Jun 2010 | Downloads - publication

arborvitae 40 - 2009 (en)

arborvitae Issue 40

Forest and Climate Change

  • Negotiations: The US is in ‘catch-up mode’, having effectively been out of the negotiations during the Bush administration.
  • Feature: ...the only real fact is that if we don’t act now for a change in the trends of GHG emissions, we are condemning the world to costly and unavoidable consequences.
  • Perspective: The distributional game is the most serious hurdle for progress.
  • Interview: This was the moment when REDD transformed from a theoretical discussion to a real possibility.
  | French | Spanish

09 Oct 2009 | Downloads - publication

arborvitae 39 - 2009 (en)

arborvitae Issue 39

Forest partnerships

  • Amazon: For many of the companies involved, it is the image of partnering with communities that is more important than the product itself.
  • Innovation: Partnerships between scientists and practitioners are not working well.
  • Forests Dialogue: I’m convinced that partnerships can achieve much by ‘engaging the radical middle’.
  • Interview: We haven’t tapped into the real potential of partnerships for forests yet.
  | French | Spanish

30 Apr 2009 | Downloads - publication

arborvitae 38 - Jan 2009 (en)

arborvitae Issue 38

Forests and conflict

  • Goma: If we don’t do anything and wait until the war is over, there won’t be any more forests and animals to conserve.
  • Sudan: Refugees need many natural resources to help them reconstruct a life, albeit a temporary one, in their hosting area.
  • Feature: High levels of violence in forested areas are no coincidence. They don’t call it ‘jungle warfare’ for nothing.
  • Chiapas: Mediation is a prerequisite where conservation and indigenous rights clash.
  | French | Spanish

31 Jan 2009 | Downloads - publication

arborvitae 37 - Sept 2008 (en)

arborvitae Issue 37

Agriculture and Productivity – conservation imperatives

  • Food and fuel: Prices matter more than ever – and the stakes are very high.
  • When you ship 1kg of beef around the world, you’re actually shipping about 16,000 litres of water.
  • Feature: Global demand for land to produce food, fuel and fibre will likely lead to a large-scale land grab.
  • Forest foods: A complex problem needs complex solutions.
  • Production and conservation: Temporary solutions in dynamic landscapes.
  | French

17 Sep 2008 | Downloads - publication

arborvitae 36 - Aug 2008

arborvitae Issue 36

Rights-based approaches to forest conservation

  • News: Liberia’s forest exploitation over the last half-century has ridden roughshod over customary property rights.
  • Perspective: The urban public generally view forest conservation as an unquestionably ‘good thing’ akin to apple pie, motherhood and soccer.
  • Feature: Are the ‘rights of nature’ always consistent with human rights? What about organisms such as viruses which can kill people?
  • Around the world: Now that the land is ours we have to take care of it.
  | French | Spanish

07 Aug 2008 | Downloads - publication

View of logging road in the Cameroon Forests
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