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The World We Want 2015

Post 2015 Global Water Consultations

As 2013 kicked off, the IUCN Global Water Programme is gearing up for a year which promises to be filled with great opportunities for promoting and enhancing water’s role on the international sustainable development agenda. …  

28 Jan 2013 | News story

Sydney Harbour National Park

Leaders wanted for sixth World Parks Congress

The world’s most influential gathering of people involved in parks and protected area management – the IUCN World Parks Congress - is calling for inspiring leaders who will help position protected areas as solutions to some of today’s biggest global challenges and shape the agenda for protected areas and their management over the next decade and beyond. …   | Spanish

24 Jan 2013 | News story

Integrando Fronteras

“Integrating Borders”: Informational Video on the Binational Work of Costa Rica and Panama

The video “Integrating Borders” recounts the history, activities and future course of the Costa Rica-Panama Convention on Border Development …   | Spanish

23 Jan 2013 | News story
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Connectivity Conservation workshop participants at ELC, 27 November 2012

Connectivity Conservation Workshop at IUCN Environmental Law Centre

On 27 November 2012, the IUCN Environmental Law Centre (ELC) convened a one day workshop on the “Legal Aspects of Connectivity Conservation” in Bonn, Germany. The purpose of the workshop was to present the results of a two year project entitled Protected areas law at the intersection of biodiversity conservation and climate change and particularly the conceptual work on the legal aspects of connectivity conservation. …  

07 Dec 2012 | News story
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Klaus Toepfer Fellows at ELC, 15.11.12

Klaus Toepfer Fellows at the IUCN Environmental Law Centre

On 15 November 2012, 20 environmental young professionals from Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia visited the IUCN Environmental Law Centre in the context of the Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme sponsored by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN). …  

03 Dec 2012 | News story

IUCN Water and Climate Change workshop participants, Bonn, 1-2 November 2012

Reunión sobre las Guías para el desarrollo de políticas sobre cambio climático y gobernanza del agua: adaptación basada en ecosistemas en Mesoamérica

El Centro de Derecho Ambiental de la UICN y un grupo de expertos en materia de aguas, compuesto por el Dr. Alistair Rieu-Clarke (Universidad de Dundee y miembro de la Comisión de Derecho Ambiental de la UICN (CDA)), Ruby Moynihan (Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ), Bjørn-Oliver Magsig (UFZ y UICN-CDA) y Josh Roberts (ClientEarth), se reunieron los días 1 y 2 de noviembre, en las instalaciones del Gustav-Stresemann-Institut en Bonn, Alemania, para discutir el documento denominado “Climate Change and Water Governance Capacity Policy Guidelines: Ecosystem based Adaptation in Mesoamérica” (Guías para el desarrollo de políticas sobre cambio climático y gobernanza del agua: adaptación basada en ecosistemas en Mesoamérica).  

20 Nov 2012 | News story

Hugo Echeverría, miembro de la Comisión Mundial de Derecho Ambiental de la UICN.

Environmental legal doubt mobilizes the National Court of Justice in Ecuador

The resolution -signed by the 21 judges of the National Court of Justice of Ecuador- clarified a legal doubt about judicial competence over environmental crimes in the South American country. It is effective since September 11th, 2012 after its publication in the Official Gazette of Ecuador. Several cases, especially in the Ecuadorian province of Galapagos, prompted a consultation to the National Court of Justice. …   | Spanish

15 Nov 2012 | News story
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A tribute to Warren Waetford, ELC Legal Officer

Following a tragic accident last weekend, on 3 November 2012, we have lost a dear colleague. …  

06 Nov 2012 | News story
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The Mekong river at the border tripoint of Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos

Hydro-diplomacy: Bridging the gap between science, policy and action

How we use and share water is a complex issue. It involves diverse groups of people such as farmers and fishermen, energy suppliers and developers, all who are competing for a limited and precious resource. Water use issues typically cross natural, social and political boundaries and can be local, national, regional and global in nature. …  

01 Nov 2012 | News story

BRIDGE: Building River Dialogue and Governance

BRIDGE 'Building River Dialogue and Governance': Plans towards 2013

Cross-border water management not only benefits regional water security, but also promotes dialogue, peace and cooperation. IUCN BRIDGE project colleagues met in Chiangrai to discuss progress on the transboundary initiative since it's inception in May 2011, and in particular to put in place plans for BRIDGE into 2013 and beyond. …  

29 Oct 2012 | News story