Allanblackia fruit cut in half displaying the seeds

Spreading the benefits of Allanblackia seed oil

African forests are home to a small treasure: the Allanblackia tree, whose seeds can be turned into edible oil and integrated in many products of daily use. Chris Buss, of IUCN's Forest Conservation programme, explains the value of this seed and IUCN's role in promoting its commercialisation. If you think Allanblackia is a funny name, keep listening for an explanation! …  

01 Apr 2010 | Audio

© IUCN / Julián Orozco Badilla: Girls in Lachúa, Guatemala

Restoring forests to improve livelihoods - four years of success and influence

IUCN's Livelihoods and Landscape Strategy is changing the lives of poor communities around the world by restoring forest services, improving livelihoods and creating means of income. Jamie Gordon of IUCN's Forest Conservation Programme describes a few of those success stories. …  

31 Jan 2010 | Audio
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The Financial Costs of REDD

The Financial Costs of REDD - Evidence from Brazil and Indonesia

This study discusses the financial costs of abating greenhouse gas emissions through reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD). It is written from the perspective of an institutional investor seeking cost-effective mitigation options. A review of empirical data from Brazil and Indonesia suggests that REDD may, in many areas, provide a cost-effective mitigation option, with estimated costs lying in a range of US$ 2-10 per ton of CO2e. …  

22 Jan 2010 | Downloads - publication
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formation carbone au Burkina Faso

Comptabilité carbone: formation organisée par l'UICN au Burkina Faso

Du 1 au 5 décembre 2009, s'est tenue une formation en comptabilité carbone destinée aux cadres du Ministère de l'Environnement et du Cadre de Vie (MECV) du Burkina Faso. L'objectif du cours consistait à soutenir les efforts locaux de mise en place de projets forestiers suscpetibles de bénéficier d'un financement par le marché international de crédits carbone. …  

18 Jan 2010 | Event
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Indigenous Short Grass Prairie, Blackfoot Reservation, Western Montana

What are Global Temperate Grasslands worth? A case for their protection

A Review of Current Research on their Total Economic Value …  

27 Nov 2009 | Downloads - publication

Danone Fund for Nature

Achieving carbon offsets through mangroves and other wetlands

The Danone-IUCN-Ramsar partnership will be hosting a three day expert workshop on "Achieving carbon offsets through mangroves and other wetlands" from 9 to 11 November at the IUCN/Ramsar Headquarters. …   | French

03 Nov 2009 | Event

NCAP publication cover

Tropical Cyclones: Impact on Coastal Livelihoods

 The coastal zone of Bangladesh is highly prone to disasters, particularly tropical cyclones and storm surges.The agriculture and fisheries sector suffer the most. This study points out a number of steps and policy options for coping with the change and sustaining livelihood activities using scientific, technological and institutional measures. …  

20 Oct 2009 | Downloads - publication

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REDD Explained

IUCN's David Huberman, Green Economy Coordinator, explains what the climate change policy acronym REDD means in practice. 

01 Oct 2009 | Video

Gateway to PES

A Gateway to Payments for Ecosystem Services

The Gateway offers an introduction and sense of direction into the complicated world of payments for ecosystem services (PES). It is tailored for researchers, practitioners and decision makers interested in using economic incentives in support of conservation and poverty reduction efforts in tropical forests. …  

09 Jun 2009 | Downloads - publication
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Termitières en Guinée

L'économie au service de la conservation - atelier technique en Afrique de l'Ouest

Le 24 avril 2009, un atelier méthodologique sur le thème de l’économie de l’environnement a été organisé dans le bureau régional de l’UICN à Ouagadougou. …  

19 May 2009 | Downloads - document
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