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Hotel Guide

Biodiversity: My hotel in action is now in Japanese

The hotel guide produced by IUCN in partnership with Accor and IHRA is now in Japanese. …  

05 Jan 2010 | Downloads - publication

Agrobiodiversity handbook _ Cover Eng

Agrobiodiversity Handbook

The importance of biodiversity for livelihoods and agriculture is increasingly recognised worldwide. In Lao PDR this is particularly apparent where the livelihoods of farmers are heavily dependent, not only on farming, but also on wildlife and non-timber forest products (NTFPs).  

10 Jun 2009 | Downloads - publication

BBP Annual Report 2008

BBP Annual Report 2008

"Synergies" is the 2008 Annual Report of the Business and Biodiversity Programme (BBP) …  

29 May 2009 | Downloads - document

Biodiversité: mon hôtel agit

Biodiversité: mon hôtel agit

Biodiversité: mon hôtel agit

06 Feb 2009 | Downloads - publication

2009 Guidelines

Operational Guidelines for Private Sector Engagement


05 Feb 2009 | Downloads - publication

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Buy, Sell and Trade! Free Game on Ecosystem Services.

IUCN and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), along with input from key stakeholders (Earthwatch Institute, World Resources Institute, Katoomba Group/Forest Trends, the US Business Council for Sustainable Development and Fundacion Entorno) have developed a free, interactive and fun game about how ecosystem markets work. …  

20 Jan 2009 | Downloads - document

Hotel Guidelines

How to help your hotel help Nature

From cotton towels and sheets in guest rooms, to food in the restaurant and wood used for furniture and fittings – the products of biodiversity are everywhere inside hotels. Outside, plants and animals make a hotel’s public spaces and gardens attractive for guests, while beyond the hotel gates, parks, green spaces, coasts and natural habitats provide guests with opportunities for recreation and enjoyment. …  

02 Oct 2008 | Downloads - publication

Proceedings of the Workshop on Sustainable Tourism

Proceedings of the Workshop on Sustainable Tourism


28 Aug 2008 | Downloads - publication


IUCN Private Sector Relations 2009 - 2012

The present document brings together all the private sector related activities proposed by the different component programmes for the 2009 - 2012 quadrennial.   …  

08 Aug 2008 | Downloads - document

Agricultural Ecosystems

Agricultural Ecosystems - Facts and Trends

Understanding agriculture’s dilemma between food security and conservation – new publication
Agriculture is suffering from a growing dilemma: it needs to feed a fast growing world population, and conserve biodiversity and manage natural resources of an increasingly depleted planet. …

25 Jul 2008 | Downloads - publication

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