The Business and Biodiversity Programme (BBP) work in this area focuses on helping businesses to adopt policies on the ground that avoid and minimize impacts on biodiversity, seek opportunities for biodiversity conservation and generate benefits for people who depend on natural resources.

2013-2016 BBP results: facilitating businesses to adopt corporate policies that aim at No Net Loss (NNL) or, preferably, Net Positive Impact (NPI).

Current Work:

  • Support the integration of biodiversity risk management measures in the business operations of a building material company
  • Establish a no net loss/net positive impact verification protocol
  • Support stakeholders’ participation in the revision of oil and gas company remediation guidelines in the Niger Delta
  • Scale up business solutions in collaboration with the WBCSD
  • Promote best corporate practices and identify best support policies in the mining sector with ICMM
  • Develop a Framework for Corporate Action on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services with the UN Global Compact