At the World Conservation Congress, held in Jeju (South Korea) in September 2012, IUCN and KUONI co-organized a one day training session, “Business Skills for Ecotourism Operations”, as part of the IUCN Conservation Campus programme. The training was attended by 22 participants from 20 organizations (most of them IUCN Members).

The training focused on sharing some initial skills in 4 key business areas:

  • The Ecotourism Potential of a Site and a Product
  • Key Elements of Business Planning
  • Health and Safety
  • Marketing Tips and Tools for Ecotourism Businesses

Practical exercises were also organized to give the participants a chance to interact with each other and the instructors.

As “tradition”, all the instructors in the training came from the business world, and specifically are from KUONI and its partners. This specific feature of the workshop enables the participants to have a real life overview of how a mainstream tour operator works.