The Net Positive Impact (NPI) Protocol Review Panel Team comprises technical experts representing IUCN and Rio Tinto who have been tasked to:

  • Develop a protocol to be used by independent regional NPI Review Panels for measuring Rio Tinto’s progress towards its NPI objectives
  • Convene the regional NPI Review Panels and help make them operational

The NPI Review Panels will deliver initial evaluations within the timeframe of the 3-year IUCN-Rio Tinto agreement. It is envisaged that the panels will eventually transform into long-term bodies with mandates that coincide with the duration of Rio Tinto operations in a given region – often over a timeframe of many decades.

Selection of team members
NPI Protocol & Review Panel Team members representing IUCN were selected based on: scientific expertise and areas of professional interest; knowledge of and/or experience with standards, verification, and/or certification; geographical representation; and knowledge of and/or experience with the mining sector.

Members representing Rio Tinto were selected based on: Rio Tinto operational affiliation; expertise; and geographical representation.