The overall objectives of the IUCN-Rio Tinto collaboration agreement are to:

  • Build a business-focused relationship that enables Rio Tinto to improve its environmental management and delivery of conservation outcomes
  • Increase awareness and understanding throughout IUCN of the conservation and business challenges facing the resources sector
  • Strengthen Rio Tinto and IUCN capacities for market-based approaches to environmental management and conservation
  • Jointly contribute to sector-wide improvements in the mining and closely-related sectors
  • Gain recognition for both organizations as leaders in their respective fields and committed to environmental management and delivering sustainable development outcomes.

Work programmes
The agreement incorporates the following three work programmes:

  • Net Positive Impact (NPI) Verification
    Aims to develop, test, and implement a verification process to assess Rio Tinto’s progress towards its NPI biodiversity target
  • Natural Capital Project 
    Aims to identify and quantify biodiversity and ecosystem values in key regions where Rio Tinto operates, modelling how these values may change under “business-as-usual” and “conservation” scenarios
  • General Collaboration 
    Aims to foster mutual collaboration between IUCN and Rio Tinto, drawing explicitly on each organization’s specialist skill sets, experience and networks

Further projects will also be explored throughout the agreement.

Funding & activities
Rio Tinto covers the cost of implementing all programmes and activities under the agreement, as well as the agreement’s overall coordination. IUCN administers and coordinates the agreement, work programmes and activities on a day-to-day basis, and implements the work programmes and activities in collaboration with Rio Tinto.

The IUCN-Rio Tinto agreement is governed by a Technical Advisory Committee, comprising three members from each organization. The Committee is responsible for, inter alia, approving the budget and programme plan, ensuring each party contributes its deliverables, and monitoring and directing the objectives, programme plan and programme activities.

Day-to-day coordination is the responsibility of two Relationship Managers, one based at each organization.