Shell and IUCN have been collaborating since 2000 to raise the biodiversity performance of both the company and the oil & gas industry, as well as strengthen IUCN's capacity for leadership in business and biodiversity.

Key milestones in this collaboration include:

  • October 2006
    Publication of Building Biodiversity Business, a joint study that identifies opportunities and mechanisms for market-based biodiversity conservation.
  • 2004
    At the request of Sakhalin Energy, IUCN convened an Independent Scientific Review Panel to evaluate the company’s planned approach for minimizing the impacts of construction activities on western gray whales in the vicinity of Sakhalin Island, Russia.
  • August 2003
    Shell recognizes World Heritage Sites as “no go” areas for its oil & gas exploration and development
  • 2001-ongoing
    Secondments between IUCN and Shell allow sharing of specific conservation and business expertise between the two organizations.
  • 2000-2007
    Shell and IUCN collaboration in the Energy and Biodiversity Initiative, a joint industry/NGO initiative that developed tools and guidelines for integrating biodiversity into oil & gas development.