The overall objectives of the Shell-IUCN collaborative partnership agreement are to:

  • Enhance the biodiversity conservation performance of Shell and its Affiliates
  • Raise biodiversity performance standards in the energy sector and its supply chains
  • Strengthen IUCN capacity for leadership in business and biodiversity.

Activities & funding
Under the agreement, Shell provides funding for secondments between the two organizations and seed money for concept or pilot projects that would contribute to the agreement’s objectives. IUCN provides senior staff time to help supervise the agreement and to engage in high-level strategic issues with Shell. Shell also covers the costs of the overall coordination of the agreement.

Secondments form the bulk of the agreement’s activities. Usually for a period of 2-3 years, the secondments allow Shell and IUCN staff to bring specific expertise to conservation and business issues.

Pilot projects explore the feasibility of specific areas of work. If the results are promising, then the project is taken forward – potentially on a much larger scale – by the relevant business within Shell. Thus, initial small seed money from the agreement can lead to much more substantial budgets from Shell.

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The IUCN-Shell agreement is governed by a Steering Committee, comprising four members from each organization. The Steering Committee is responsible for monitoring and directing the progress of the partnership, and managing its strategic elements.

Day-to-day coordination is the responsibility of two Relationship Managers, one based at each organization.