IUCN and Shell are working in a number of areas and places to enhance Shell’s biodiversity conservation performance. Such projects generally mobilize IUCN technical assistance and advice regarding biodiversity conservation in select projects of the Shell Group. IUCN also helps Shell to broker stakeholder relations in specific cases.

In some cases, these projects form part of wider work under the IUCN-Shell collaborative partnership agreement to improve energy sector standards.

Current activities under the IUCN-Shell agreement:

  • Decommissioning oil & gas platforms in the North Sea (news story)

Completed activities:

Post-pilot activities:

Agreement objective: Enhance biodiversity conservation performance by Shell and its Affiliates as a measure of their sustained profitable operations.

Outcome: Shell has the strategies, approaches and tools that will be necessary for the Shell Group to be the conservation leader in the energy sector and sustain profitable operations over the long term.