In 2009, the Shell Relationship Manager at IUCN was selected to become part of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI1) Working Group for the Oil and Gas Sector Supplement. While not a direct IUCN-Shell project, the inclusion of IUCN in the Working Group was largely due to the relationship between IUCN and Shell, and the IUCN-Shell collaborative partnership agreement supports IUCN's contribution to the Working Group by supporting the Shell Relationship Manager.

Through a series of workshops and public consultations, the Working Group is crafting new guidance for measuring and disclosing the economic, environmental and social impacts for companies in the oil & gas sector.

The Working Group comprises nine international oil companies (including Shell) and eight stakeholder representatives, including two IUCN Members: Pro-Natura (Nigeria) and The Nature Conservancy (USA).


  • September 2009 – February 2010: First set of draft indicators developed
  • March– June 2010: Public consultation period
  • July 2010– January 2011: Review of feedback and development of final draft indicators
  • April – July 2011:Public consultation period
  • July – September 2011: Review of all feedback and finalization of the Sector Supplement
  • Late 2011: Expected release of the final Sector Supplement

1The GRI is an international, multi-stakeholder effort to form a consensus for voluntary reporting of the economic, environmental and social impacts of industry. Its mission is "to elevate the comparability and credibility of sustainability reporting practices worldwide". The GRI incorporates the active participation of businesses, accountancy, human rights, environmental, labour and governmental organizations.