The IUCN Red List is the most authoritative global compilation of the conservation status of species, based on the best available knowledge from the world’s leading experts. It is widely used to inform and influence biodiversity conservation, as well as policy decisions that involve human activities, development and business.

IUCN is continually working to expand the coverage of the Red List and increase general understanding and use of its data. This requires increasing the number of expert scientists around the world who can assess species for inclusion on the Red List.

The IUCN-Shell collaborative partnership agreement has helped support this since late 2010, through funding of specific activities and knowledge sharing aimed at increasing capacity to train Red List Assessors. The partnership is additionally supporting the development of training for the business sector as a user of Red List data.

The work also aims to build IUCN’s capacity as a leader in biodiversity knowledge and training, as well as reinforce the IUCN Red List as the most comprehensive source of biodiversity data and a tool for objective monitoring.

Areas of work:

The Red List training work is also being funded by the MAVA Foundation.