The current 5-year IUCN-ICMM Memorandum of Understanding (2012-2016) builds on work from the IUCN-ICMM 2003 Dialogue and subsequent 2004-2008 Dialogue.

The objectives of the MoU are:

  • To influence and improve mining companies’ performance in the area of biodiversity conservation, seeking to recognize good performance and promote broader implementation of these practices across the sector
  • To raise mutual awareness and understanding between the conservation community, the mining industry, and other stakeholders, including governments, that have an influence in encouraging good practices.

Areas of collaboration
The MoU provides a general framework and guiding tool in identifying and carrying out specific collaborative projects and activities. Potential areas of collaboration include:

  • Strategic outreach
  • Ecosystem services
  • Landscape scenarios
  • Measuring improvements in mining company performance related to biodiversity
  • Extractives and World Heritage sites.

Specific activities and projects are carried out under Supplemental Agreements negotiated between IUCN and ICMM.

Activities and projects:

Financial and other provisions relating to collaboration activities are agreed in the relevant Supplemental Agreements.

Overall collaboration under the MoU, as well as specific activities undertaken through Supplemental Agreements, is coordinated through representatives from each organization who serve as focal points. Progress on the collaborative relationship, including work carried out through Supplemental Agreements, is reviewed through an Annual Meeting at the senior management level.