General Mining and Biodiversity 

Are Extractive Companies Compatible with Biodiversity? Extractive Industries and Biodiversity: A Survey . London : ISIS Asset Management, February 2004

Mining, Environment and Development CD-ROM (Compiled by UNCTAD and UNEP)

Mining and Ecosystems / Landscapes 

Paris Priority-Setting Workshop: Final Report (PDF) Final report of the Alliance 's Priority-Setting Workshop, hosted by UNEP in Paris , 31 Jan - 1 Feb '05

ICMM summary review of the World Resources Institute report: Mining In Critical Ecosystems: Mapping the Risks – 31 July 2004

Mining and Protected Areas 

ICMM perspective on the IUCN protected areas category management system – 5 April 2005

Calling for new alliances: how can the mining industry support protected areas? By Assheton Carter, Conservation International - September 2004

Speaking a Common Language: Understanding Protected Area Categories By Nigel Dudley, Equilibrium Consultants - September 2003

"No-Go" pledge signals a new era of collaboration By Sir Robert Wilson, Chairman, Rio Tinto plc - September 2003

ICMM Chairman's speech to World Parks Congress - 16 September 2003

ICMM Position Statement on Mining and Protected Areas – 20 August 2003

Room to Manoeuvre? Mining, biodiversity and protected areas by Izabella Koziell and Eileen Omosa, IIED - 2003

Mining and Biodiversity Guidance and Tools

Good Practice Guidance for Mining and Biodiversity (ICMM)

Initial Biodiversity Assessment & Planning (IBAP) (Conservation International)

Revised Draft Reporting Guidelines. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative London : DFID,
23 May 2003.

Mining and Metals Sector Supplement. Amsterdam : Global Reporting Initiative, 4 June 2004 .

Biodiversity Risk Management: Towards Best practices for Extractive and Utility Companies . London : Insight Investments, 2004.

Lightening the Lode: A guide to responsible large scale mining Conservation International, 2000

Australian Centre for Geomechanics publications page

Biodiversity Offsets and No Net Loss / Net Biodiversity Benefit

 ICMM Biodiversity Offsets: A Proposition Paper – August 2005

ICMM Biodiversity Offsets: A Briefing Paper for the Mining Industry – August 2005

Mining and Biodiversity Related Case Studies 

Integrating Mining and Biodiversity Conservation: Case studies from around the world - 9 Nov 2004

Rush and Ruin. The Devastating Mineral Trade in Southern Katanga, DRC . Washington , Global Witness, September 2004.

Same Old Story. A Background Study on Natural Resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo . Washington : Global Witness, June 2004.

Dirty Metals: Mining Communities and the Environment Earthworks and Oxfam America 2004

Dirty Metals - ICMM Response - 24 Feb 2004

The Conservation Value of Abandoned Pits and Quarries in Cornwall (PDF) The Historic Environment Service of Cornwall County Council, UK

Good Practice Mining website by ICMM, DFID, UNCTAD and UNEP

IUCN ICMM Dialogue 

Picking up the pace: Progress on the Dialogue between ICMM and IUCN By Mohammed Rafiq, IUCN and Scott Houston , ICMM - September 2003

A bold step: IUCN-ICMM Dialogue on mining and biodiversity By Achim Steiner, IUCN - May 2003

Open letter to IUCN on the Dialogue from the International Indian Treaty Council – October 2002

“United Outcry Against Mining Greenwash” letter to IUCN – November 2002

Mining and Sustainable Development 

MMSD Report Breaking New Ground: Mining, Minerals, and Sustainable Development (IIED and WBCSD, 2002) online and in print Abriendo Brecha también disponible en español
Executive Summaries: English, Español, Français, Português

Comments on the economic analysis of the report "Breaking New Ground: Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development" - Prof. Alejandro Nadal, El Colegio de Mexico and CEESP Steering Committee member

ICMM Response to the Draft MMSD Report - 17 April 2002

ICMM Toronto Declaration - 15 May 2002

Mining and Transparency and Governance 

ICMM Statement on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) - 17 March 2005

The rough guide to transparency and natural resource revenues by Katherine Astill, CAFOD (2004)

Africa's Blessing, Africa's Curse: The legacy of resource extraction in Africa by Kairos Canada (2004)

ICMM's letter to Commission for Africa on Transparency of Natural Resource Revenues in Africa - 7 Dec 2004

Same Old Story – A background on natural resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Global Witness – June 2004

ICMM Position on Mineral Resources and Economic Development - 20 Oct 2004

ICMM Statement on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) – 16 June 2003

ICMM note on Financial Assurance for Mine Closure and Reclamation - 28 Feb 2005

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Publications

Publish What You Pay resources list

Extractive Industries References in IUCN Governance - Business and Biodiversity Programme

ICMM Sustainable Development Framework: ICMM Principles - 29 May 2003

Extractive Industries Review, The World Bank Group and Extractive Industries, The Final Report of the Extractive Industries Review. Washington, World Bank, December 2003.

Final World Bank Group EIR Management Response-- Executive Summary (346 KB pdf)

Final World Bank Group EIR Management Response (Full Report, English [14 MB pdf], Arabic [302 KB pdf], Chinese [320 KB pdf], French [243 KB pdf], Russian [179 KB pdf], Spanish [229 KB pdf]) Español • Français • Русский• عربي • 中文

Balancing compelling needs and goals By Bobby Godsell, Chief Executive Officer, AngloGold Ashanti (February 2005)

Mining Watch publications

IUCN Commission on Environmental Economic and Social Policy website on mining

Communities and Small-Scale Mining (CASM) documents database

Mining and Indigenous Peoples Issues

ICMM Review of Indigenous Peoples Issues and Mining - 2005

Mining and Indigenous Peoples: Case Studies: - International Council on Metals and the Environment (ICME) - 1999

The Whitehorse Mining Initiative (WMI) Leadership Council Accord: - Mining Association of Canada (MAC) - 1994

Convention concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries: - International Labour Organisation (ILO) – 1989