Under IUCN-Holcim Phase II agreement, IUCN has appointed a panel of independent experts to advise Holcim on specific biodiversity-related issues and to provide support on the implementation of Holcim’s Biodiversity Management System (BMS). The panel will also work on the development of a habitat based system for measuring and monitoring biodiversity.

Panel members
The members of the Biodiversity Advisory Panel are:


Independent Expert Panel

All Biodiversity Advisory Panel members were members of the Independent Expert Panel set up under the IUCN-Holcim Phase I agreement (2007-2010). This panel was formed to:

  • Provide independent input on biodiversity conservation policy for the Holcim Group
  • Review existing management tools used by Holcim
  • Advise how these might be strengthened to conserve biodiversity more effectively.

The panel’s major output was a series of recommendations for a Biodiversity Management System, which Holcim introduced into company policy in 2010.

In addition to the members listed above, the Independent Expert Panel also included Daniel Gross.