Governments worldwide have promised to save biodiversity by 2010. While it is their responsibility to achieve this, they will need the help of all stakeholders. All sectors of society will have to contribute in order to reduce biodiversity loss by 2010 and beyond.

Countdown 2010 is a strong network of companies, civil society organisations and government institutions working together towards the 2010 biodiversity target. Each partner commits to additional efforts to tackle the causes of biodiversity loss.

The private sector also has its role to play in saving biodiversity by 2010. By joining Countdown 2010, businesses commit to specific actions such as net positive biodiversity impact in their operations, reducing their ecological footprint, raising awareness, restoring sites, etc. Countdown 2010 has more than 900 partners out of which 70 are businesses and business associations in sectors spanning from agriculture to aggregates. A complete list of commitments from business can be found at