Congress countdown – next steps

21 February 2012 | Article

Preparations are gearing up for the IUCN World Conservation Congress in September that will tackle the most pressing nature conservation issues today. The Congress will focus on providing practical tools for nature conservation through the Forum, which is the public core of the event and includes workshops, roundtable discussions and training courses, as well as exhibitions and entertainment.

More than 500 events will take place at the Forum including 150 workshops, around 160 knowledge cafes and 200 poster sessions. At the close of the call for contributions, over 1,000 proposals had been submitted. Following a review and selection process, 80% of the proposals received a place in the Forum (whether as a stand-alone proposal, or grouped with similar proposals in the same category they were submitted, or moved to another category of event).

Workshops in particular focus on taking action as well as sharing knowledge. More than 60% of the proposals submitted for Forum events presented ideas for workshops, underscoring the practical approach of the Congress. These range from restoring species and ecosystems to working more effectively with international environmental conventions.

In early March a web space will be provided for organizers of accepted Forum events to further develop their session, engage with co-organizers and promote it to participants. The first draft of the Forum agenda should be available, on-line, in April, while the final congress programme will be available during the summer of 2012.

Participation in the IUCN World Conservation Congress is open to anyone with online registration opening in mid-February 2012. Please be aware that the ‘early bird’ registration fees will only be available until 5 July 2012.

Nature must regain the place it deserves in our societies: we must all put an end to biodiversity loss. To do so, we must empower groups and individuals with the necessary tools to create a positive impact. IUCN’s World Conservation Congress is vital to activate these positive changes and generate tangible results.