World Leaders Dialogues

03 July 2012 | Article

The World Leaders Dialogues are thought-provoking debates designed to inspire more people to care for nature. Each day of the Forum, a panel of five to six internationally renowned figures will join to discuss publicly the most pressing issues of conservation today.

Focused on the five Congress themes, these top-level dialogues will reveal strategic thinking to guide the implementation of pragmatic solutions for a sustainable future. The contributions of a balanced mix of experts, politicians and CEOs, moderated by prominent journalists, will give the pace to inspirational, challenging analyses of the current state.
The open format will enable participation of the audience through the submission of questions to the world leaders during and prior to the talks. An array of innovative, paper-less techniques will support this process and all participants to the Congress Forum will be able to attend.
Held five days during prime time, between 5pm and 7pm, the World Leaders Dialogues promise to become one of the highlight of the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2012.

Topics of the dialogues

7 September
Nature+ climate: Can Nature save us?

8 September
Nature+ food: Can we feed the world sustainably?

9 September
Nature+ development: Green growth: myth or reality?

10 September
Nature+ people & governance: Can conservation tackle poverty?

11 September
Nature+: Saving nature, why bother?

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