Greening the Congress

03 July 2012 | Article

The Government of the Republic of Korea, Jeju Province and IUCN are working together to make the World Conservation Congress 6-15 September a sustainable event.

As the host of the Congress 2012, Korea and Jeju are responsible for selecting the suppliers and contractors for the facilities and equipment needed at the Congress. These range from environmental-friendly accommodation, eco-certified furniture to eco-friendly catering services. The Host country has also decided to rely on their natural local resources by for instance using local ingredients in their catering services. In addition, the Host Country is carrying out ambitious plans in greening the venue as much as possible by introducing and energy management system, LED light bulbs, and energy-efficient elevators and by improving the insulation system of the external glass wall and planting a green roof. The venue will also provide labelled recycling bins will be within reach of their participants. Fuel-efficient shuttle buses will be provided for all participants together with a number of free bicycles.

IUCN intends to minimize paper consumption before, during and after the Congress by providing all information electronically, and by establishing tools that enable online networking of participants.

IUCN wants to engage all Congress contributors and participants to adopt an environmentally-sensitive and coherent approach. All actions taken towards a sustainable Congress count, therefore, to help us minimize our ecological footprint, we encourage all participants to undertake a number of steps including:

  • Reduce the weight of your luggage when travelling to Jeju by bringing only essential things
  • Use the shuttle buses, public transport, or cycling to commute between the Congress venue and your accommodation. We are pleased to inform you that a free bike rental will be at your disposal throughout the Congress;
  • Minimize energy and water consumption during your stay in Jeju – remember to switch off lights and tabs when these are not in use.
  • Minimize the use of paper and production of waste during the Congress. We also take this opportunity to highlight the importance of recycling. We strongly encourage you to, whenever possible, recycle your litter by placing them in the corresponding recycle bins. 
  • Offset greenhouse gas emissions resulting from travel to/from Jeju and participation in the Congress by contributing to the voluntary carbon offset scheme through the online registration process.

Voluntary contributions for staff and all participants willing to offset their Congress-related emissions will go towards the Carbon Offset Fund.

More information here.