Members during an IUCN Forum 2015

West Asia 8th RCF to be held in Jordan

Under the title ; "Innovative natural solutions: Motivating change" The 8th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) will be held in Amman, Jordan from the 10th – 12th November, 2015. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is graciously co-hosting the Forum through Ministry of Environment. …  

26 Aug 2015 | Article

High level exchange visit to IUCN Lebanon projects

Jordanian Decision Makers visit Lebanon

 As part of the "Sustainable Dryland Landscapes in Africa & the Middle East" Project funded by the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA), aiming at greater policy implementation in support of Sustainable Land Management in drylands of participating countries; Jordanian decision makers visit Lebanon as part of a cross-visit programme in an effort to exchange ideas about different project activities and successes.   …  

24 Aug 2015 | News story

Hatching seatturtles, Lebanon

Loggerhead sea turtles hatch in the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve beach, Lebanon

This month, two nests of loggerhead sea turtles hatched on the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve beach in Lebanon. Despite numerous threats against them, IUCN ROWA, through the Sustainable Fisheries Project in Tyre funded by the DROSOS Foundation, has contributed in protecting the marine area. …  

18 Aug 2015 | Article

Presentation at 2015 Communications Summit in Brussels #ECS2015

Blog: Embracing a new era of communications – harnessing the power of the digital world

By Claire Warmenbol. Did you know that the world today creates as much data in 10 minutes as in all of human history up until the year 2003? That is a lot of information. Amongst all this noise, how do environmental messages stand a chance of being heard? Or better, to have an impact and instigate change? …  

14 Jul 2015 | News story

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

IUCN advice to keep close watch on Great Barrier Reef fully backed

Bonn, Germany, 1 July 2015 (IUCN) – IUCN’s advice to continue close monitoring of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was adopted in full today at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting taking place in Bonn, Germany. …  

01 Jul 2015 | International news release


IUCN President, Mr. Zhang Xinsheng visits West Asia

 IUCN President, Mr. Zhang Xinsheng has visited the region of West Asia to meet partners, members and potential members from the Sultanate of Oman and the State of Kuwait. …  

30 Jun 2015 | Article

Ecotourism package assesments

The second round of MEET ecotourism packages

During the last two years, MEET has succeeded in developing sustainable tourism packages through involving the local communities in 19 protected areas across several Mediterranean countries (Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia). …  

25 Jun 2015 | Article

East Rennell, Solomon Islands

Climate change and dams threaten natural World Heritage, warns IUCN

Climate change and large dam projects are putting natural World Heritage sites at risk, says IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, the official advisory body on nature to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, meeting this Sunday in Bonn, Germany. …   | French | Spanish | Dutch

25 Jun 2015 | International news release

A burned forest can be a healthy one. A stand of ponderosa pine still smolders from a recent prescribed fire in central Oregon. The US Forest Service sets fires now to mimic natural conditions.

Forest landscape restoration is more than planting trees - three case studies from the United States

Three short stories of landscape restoration in the western United States show that restoration can mean a lot more than just planting trees. Sometimes it means cutting trees, setting fires, and unleashing destructive rodents. Perhaps we'd better explain. …  

24 Jun 2015 | Article

Lion (Panthera leo)

Conservation successes overshadowed by more species declines – IUCN Red List update

Successful conservation action has boosted the populations of the Iberian Lynx and the Guadalupe Fur Seal, while the African Golden Cat, the New Zealand Sea Lion and the Lion are facing increasing threats to their survival, according to the latest update of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Ninety-nine percent of tropical Asian slipper orchids – some of the most highly prized ornamental plants – are threatened with extinction. …   | French | Spanish | German | Dutch

23 Jun 2015 | International news release