SSCW workshop - syria

Members in the news: Celebrating World Migratory Birds Day

Under the patronage of H.E Dr. Nazira Farah Sarkis, Minister of State for Environment Affairs-(MSEA) and with positive coordination with the Syrian Society for the Conservation of Wildlife-SSCW and in collaboration with MSB project, a celebration event was held commemorating the World Migratory Birds Day-WMBD-2015, under the theme "Energy - Make it Bird- friendly" at the National Museum Hall in Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic on May, 11th, 2015. …  

28 May 2015 | Article

BWA - My Environmental Unit

Members in the news: Environmental Citizenship Program Celebrating 13 Years of Launching ”My Environment Unit”

 Environmental Citizenship Program Celebrating 13 Years of Launching ”My Environment Unit” 243 teachers and 2,632 children were trained. …  

28 May 2015 | Article

Meeting at UNEP offices

World Heritage: a tool to enhance cultural and natural resource management

As part of the World Heritage inscription process as a tool to enhance natural and cultural resources management of the Iraqi Marshlands project, H.E the Iraqi Minister of Environment offered all the support for the UNEP/IUCN project for the benefit of Al ahwar site and the local communities during a meeting at UNEP offices. …  

26 May 2015 | Article

PMs during the training

The Environmental & Social Management System: An intrinsic part of IUCN's project cycle

IUCN programme managers attended the IUCN ESMS expert team training workshop in ‪Bangkok‬ to learn more about the environmental and social management system put in place as an intrinsic part of IUCNs project cycle. It provides organizational measures and tools to systematically screen projects on potential negative environmental or social impacts and much more.   …  

26 May 2015 | Article

Hima Bani Hashem Villages

What Can Private Investors Do for Sustainability Rich Rangelands of Jordan?

It is considered critically important for Jordan as a country to invest in one of its major resources, natural rangelands, to preserve one of the country’s principal assets on one hand and to contribute to the country’s economic development on the other hand. Investments in these areas until now are however limited and when made, have often contributed to land degradation and exhausting the natural resource basis (the rangeland’s natural capital).  …  

24 May 2015 | Article

IUCN, WLCF 2015, Inger Andersen

IUCN Director General to attend the first World Leaders´ Conservation Forum

IUCN Director General Inger Andersen will join international efforts to seek creative nature-based solutions to global environmental challenges by addressing the World Leaders´ Conservation Forum (WLCF) which takes place on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, 7 to 9 July.

23 May 2015 | News story

Biodiversity is the cornerstone of our existence

International Day for Biological Diversity 2015: Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

Every year on May 22, people around the world celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity, a day aimed at increasing understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. From habitat loss and overexploitation to illegal wildlife trade and climate change, a whole host of very real and damaging threats is facing the planet’s incredible biodiversity. Combatting these issues lies at the core of IUCN’s work and feeds into the organisation’s mission of ‘a just world that values and conserves nature’. …  

22 May 2015 | Article

Opening Ceremony under the patronage of the HE Minister of Environment from Egypt

RKNOW: Providing knowledge & guidance; and how well they can be applied

Many accumulative environmental experiences have been implemented all around the world; specific examples exist in the Arab region with best water management models. These experiences and knowledge are not well known by others in the world and even in the region; for that reason, RKNOW was born. …  

14 May 2015 | Article


IUCN Welcomes 15 new Members

The IUCN Council has admitted 15 new Members to IUCN  | French | Spanish | Spanish

13 May 2015 | Article

IUCN ROWA assisting in training about water integrity

Regional Capacity on Water Integrity Builds Up

 More than 20 participants from MENA region trained on improving transparency, accountability and participation in the water sector, 9-10 May 2015 in Sharm El Shaikh, Egypt. …  

11 May 2015 | Article