Ecosystems for Life

Could conservation become a new investment asset class?

 A new IUCN-backed report released yesterday identifies three new investment structures that could help catalyse finance to meet the world’s pressing environmental challenges and sustainable growth goals. …  

21 Jan 2016 | Article

Lead mining adjacent to Thung Yai National Park, Thailand

Making the case for a net positive impact on biodiversity

Exploring how a Net Positive Impact (NPI) approach on biodiversity can enable the private sector to better manage biodiversity and contribute to global conservation is the focus of two new papers released today under the auspices of the NPI Alliance. …  

18 Jan 2016 | Article

Park rangers

Nominate your Heritage Hero!

Do you know someone who is doing outstanding conservation work for a natural World Heritage site? Would you like to see this person recognised for their exemplary contribution? If so, get in touch! Update: nominations are now closed. …   | French | Spanish

11 Jan 2016 | Article

This is a woman’s world (heritage)

Working as a female expert in a largely male-dominated sector as nature conservation can present challenges. This is especially the case in cultures where women in charge are often perceived negatively, such as in the Arab region. Haifaa Abdulhalim is one of those brave ladies who dares to show all others that women not only deserve equal opportunities, they also have an essential role for effective conservation work on the ground.  …  

07 Jan 2016 | Article

Massif de l'Ennedi, Chad

Twelve nomination files reviewed for natural World Heritage in 2016

IUCN’s World Heritage Panel gathered last December to consider 12 files for possible inscriptions of natural sites on the World Heritage List in 2016. This includes proposals for boundary changes in two natural World Heritage sites in Russia. As the official Advisory Body on natural World Heritage, IUCN will issue its recommendations six weeks before UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee meeting due to take place in Istanbul, Turkey from 10 to 20 July 2016. …  

06 Jan 2016 | News story


Better sustainable use of water resources in the Middle East and North Africa

In an effort to help countries in the region find better ways to sustainably use their water resources, the Water SUM project embarked on training local coordinators and focal points about local water security action planning in Tunesia this month.    …  

29 Dec 2015 | Article

Inauguration of the final Conference of the MEET project in Barcelona.

IUCN publishes a field guide after acheivements through the MEET ecotourism project

 MEET celebrates 3 years of ecotourism achievements in a closing ceremony in Barcelona after 3 years of activities with regional partners …  

20 Dec 2015 | Article

People riding bicycles over a bridge on the Nam Xong River

New Infographic and Blog: Unseen and unrecognised - allocating water to nature in river systems

By Rebecca Welling. Water for nature is too often sidelined in discussions around built water infrastructure development and subsequent water allocation needs. With increasing demands for food and energy production from a growing global population, many countries look to engineered solutions to bring them water, food and energy security …  

15 Dec 2015 | News story
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Earth inside water droplet

Paris climate deal increases hopes for a sustainable future

Paris, France, 12 December 2015 (IUCN) – IUCN welcomes the new climate agreement adopted today by the world’s governments at the UN climate summit in Paris (COP 21), and its recognition of nature’s critical role in tackling climate change.
  | French | Spanish

12 Dec 2015 | International news release

Barbara Maas, International Buddhist Confederation

Faith leaders join forces for climate action

As part of its diverse series of events at COP21, IUCN convened a multi-faith panel on climate ethics and action, calling for the environmental community to reach out to a broad range of interests and beliefs in restoring the health of the planet. 

09 Dec 2015 | Article