Egypt, the First Arab Country to sign the Countdown 2010 Declaration

10 May 2007 | News story

The Egyptian Government has taken a significant step ahead in nature conservation when the Egyptian Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs represented by Dr. Mustafa Fouda signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration with IUCN Director General Ms. Julia Marton-Lefevre on April 30th 2007 to significantly reduce the loss of biodiversity by the year 2010.

Egypt is the first Arab Country to sign this declaration. This initiative will be launched in Egypt in June 2007 to ensure its implementation in Egypt along with the Egyptian National Biodiversity Strategy. As part of Egypt’s commitment to the Countdown 2010 process, the country will raise awareness and involve business and local authorities on biodiversity issues.

Considering Egypt’s major role in being the host of the Arab League, it will create a major opportunity for further promoting action around the 2010 biodiversity target among the Arab League meetings and its technical committees.

Countdown 2010 is a powerful network of active partners working together towards the 2010 biodiversity target. Each partner commits additional efforts to tackle the causes of biodiversity loss. The secretariat – hosted by IUCN – facilitates and encourages action, promotes the importance of the 2010 biodiversity target and assesses progress towards 2010.