The first objective of this Programme is to guide, enhance the development of adequate regional approaches and models for effective protected area management, with a focus on community participation and involvement at all levels.

Another objective is to build the region's capacity in protected area management, including the development of sound and regionally adequate guidelines and mechanisms. To meet this objective, we will harmonize the diverse corpus of global knowledge and expertise available through the IUCN network. To further these objectives we also aim to support the regional World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) network in achieving its mission, objectives, and outputs.

Some of the tangible results sought by this programme include:

• Increase the development of protected areas in the region through the reviewing of regional guidelines, training of local stakeholders and sustainable funding of these areas.
• Establish a network of pilot sites documents, fed into national and regional policies and legislations and shared among all partner in the region.
• Support the implementation of protected areas in significant biodiversity areas or dedicated to threatened species
• Commit initiatives with community welfare and livelihood thanks to sustainable and local management.

By achieving its objectives, the protected area programme will merge development and nature conservation issues.