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This page contains all media related products for the Securing Rights & Restoring Lands Project - Jordan


Hima - Zarqa, Jordan

Hima - Zarqa, Jordan

Photo: Lara Nassar

Participatory Video

The local dryland committees were trained on one of the most important tools for advocacy the (Participatory Video “PV”).


Reviving Hima Sites in Jordan

 An overview video collected from three different communities. 

Bani Hashem Villages

A Participatory Video is a new innovative way of capturing and sharing community voices on social and environmental change. Whereas the project approach focuses in part on capacity building, knowledge sharing and community participation, participatory video (PV) helps to better understand community needs and identify gaps in rangeland resource planning. The community can therefore document their environmental challenges, needs and ideas for solutions on the ground

Halabat Hima


Dulail Hima


  • Reviving Hima sites

    Reviving Hima sites

    Photo: IUCN - ROWA

Community Case Study
برنامج مواسم الخير - مشروع حمى قرى بني هاشم

through this project, local TV (Jordanian TV) have filmed two special episodes about this project on their agricultural series (Mawasem Al Khair). This episode was aired in 2012 and 2013.

episode one


episode two