Jordan was selected as one of three country sites where this global project will be implemented; namely Mali and Sudan. The three-year-project, which is implemented by IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) and funded by GIZ, aiming at making an economic valuation of rangeland ecosystem services and their degradation and cost benefit analysis of operational SLM methodologies.

The project is expected to achieve a number of results that local communities will benefit from on the local and global levels. These results are implicit in the methodology and activities and include:

1. Three economic valuations carried out and published from dryland sites in three separate countries, based on community dialogue and choice experiments.

2. Analytical report or policy brief based on the three analyses, providing global lessons.

3. Publication of validated methodology for improved valuation.

4. Publication of policy recommendations in each country and publication of recommendations for discussion at international fora.

5. Enhanced stakeholders’ understanding and consensus on specific ecosystem services values in each country.

6. Stronger awareness in participating countries of valuation methodologies and the value of conducting valuations.

7. Information and knowledge acquired shared and communicated at all levels.

A number of activities and plans are developed in order to achieve these results.

For more information please contact
Ms. Fidaa Haddad, IUCN ROWA - Programme Manager