The network will serve functions that are intrinsically connected and mutually serve each other:

  1. Ensuring the representation and defense of pastoral communities at local and international forums.
  2. Strengthening the role of pastoral style in economic and social development, achieving food security and conserving the nature.
  3. Enhancing the role of youth and women in the sustainability of using pastoral style as a productive approach.
  4. Documenting the local knowledge that takes gender into onsideration in order to disseminate it.
  5. Strengthening the participatory approach taking into consideration the integration of pastoral communities in natural resources management.
  6. Ensuring the integration of traditional knowledge and culture that is associated with pastoral communities in educational and national awareness programs.
  7. Integrating and networking with regional and global institutions and initiatives.
  8. Documenting and exchanging what is learned in being a member in network and experiences in order to disseminate it.
  9. Providing a platform of exchanging, consultation and cooperation between the network’s members and experience exchange between Arab world countries.
  10. Strengthening the network’s activities by implementing pilot projects in order to disseminate Hima approach\Ejdal, which enhances the role of pastoralist communities and their local knowledge in natural resource management.