1. National Baseline Information about Climate Change Scenarios, use and values of Mangroves and Associated Ecosystems

Improve baseline knowledge in each country (a) expected climate change and sea level rise (SLR) scenarios and effects/responses of mangroves to the change; (b) current biological, economic, social and cultural aspects of mangrove resources and uses in each country, and (c) the relationship between healthy mangroves and disaster risk reduction. This knowledge would be used to support the development of adaptive co-management of mangroves in each country, linking national and community governance and recognising local system of customary resources ownership/custodianship (as described in Outcomes 2&3).

  1. Co-management of mangroves for adaptation to Climate Change Governance

Review national and community level governance from improved adaptation to climate change, increased C-sequestration as well as improved livelihoods. Develop draft national level mangrove management policies, plans using the results of Activity 2.1 and adopting locally relevant approaches, tools, guidelines, models etc... for climate change adaptation and mitigation and other livelihood benefits in each country.

  1. Improved conservation and/or restoration of mangroves at selected demonstration sites

Site selection and baseline information compiled for each demonstration site Develop and implement site specific mangrove management through the country-specific co management framework and processes developed using the baseline information gathered during activities in Outcome 1, and problem-solution strategic planning methodology. Share experiences gained in the demonstration sites by documenting lessons learnt from the implementation of the adaptive co management of mangroves and facilitating exchange visits between countries.

  1. Increased Awareness, Advocacy and Capacity development

To raise the in-country and regional profile of, and commitment to, mangrove conservation and restoration as a strategy for improved adaptation to, and mitigation of, climate change and other benefits.