Situation Analysis

Fiji has the third largest mangrove area in the Pacific Islands, (following PNG and the Solomon Islands). The estimated total mangrove area is about 49,600 hectares with major areas concentrated on the two main islands: Viti Levu and Vanua Levu

Some of the major threats identified for mangroves in Fiji are reclamation for commercial, industrial and residential development and subsistence harvest for wood which is usually used as fuel.  Learn more


The MESCAL Fiji Project aims to ‘strengthen mangrove management in Fiji’ by accomplishing the following outcomes:

  • Decision making is improved among stakeholders through availability of comprehensive baseline information on the status of mangroves in Fiji;
  • National mangrove management is strengthened and supported by the National Mangrove Management Plan;
  • Technical capacity of government officials is enhanced in mangrove management through practices and research tools that have been trialed at the project demonstration sites;
  • National awareness in mangrove management and conservation is improved through awareness campaigns and information distribution

Priority areas

  • Mangrove Management - policies and regulations; Mangrove Management Plan; National Level database (Projects, GIS, Literature)
  • Research - demonstration Site; level of damages to mangroves (climate change scenarios); community need assessment (sustainable conservation and management); Climate Change Adaption
  • Education and Awareness - at national level; community level; education systems
  • Community Engagement - community governance; community stewardship
  • Training and Capacity Building - government Level (EIA, Valuation, mangrove monitoring, fisheries resource inventories); community level (mangrove health monitoring)

The Mangrove Management Committee

The Mangrove Management Committee (MMC) has been re-established by the project as a technical advisory committee under the National Environment Council (NEC), and it now acts as the implementing committee for the MESCAL Fiji Project. The committee recognizes the increasing pressure to carry out coastal development and the need to ensure this is carried out in a sustainable manner. The MESCAL Fiji Project and the Mangrove Management Committee have common goals of promoting sustainable management of mangroves for community livelihoods and encouraging informed decision making among stakeholders.

  • Activities on the ground - MESCAL
  • Inocarpus Swamp, Taveuni, Fiji

    Inocarpus Swamp, Taveuni, Fiji

    Photo: Stuart Chape/SPREP

  • Fishing net in mangrove areas. Galoa village, Fiji.

    Fishing net in mangrove areas. Galoa village, Fiji.

    Photo: IUCN\Salote Sauturaga

  • Mangroves, Vanua Levu, Fiji

    Mangroves, Vanua Levu, Fiji

    Photo: Stuart Chape