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Soil sample extraction during the training.

Mangrove carbon work begins in PNG

A training course in mangrove carbon stock assessment has been held for the first time in Papua New Guinea, setting the grounds for the carbon work expected to be conducted in-country through the USAID-funded MARSH Project. …  

12 Mar 2014 | Article

Mangrove nursery in Lami, Fiji.

National mangrove plan revised

Fiji’s revised Mangrove Management Plan is expected to be presented to Cabinet next month following the endorsement from the National Mangrove Management Committee. …  

10 Mar 2014 | Article

Masai Mara National Park

BIOPAMA: Conserving the world’s biodiversity hotspots by investing in the capacity of people

From the wide expanses of deep blue ocean and rugged jungle-clad volcanic peaks of the Pacific, to the rolling golden savannah and lush green of dense tropical rainforest in Africa, to the shimmering aquamarine waters and white sands of the Caribbean, countries in the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) regions harbour some of the most stunning, and endangered, biodiversity on earth. …   | French

05 Mar 2014 | Article

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

IUCN welcomes 21 new Members

The IUCN Council has admitted 21 new Members to IUCN. …   | French | Spanish

05 Mar 2014 | News story

Tony O'Keeffe

A perspective: what BIOPAMA brings to the Pacific

"While BIOPAMA is focused on protected areas, the Pacific context triggers a need to rethink the limits of the conventional definition."  by Tony O'Keeffe, Protected Areas Coordinator, BIOPAMA Programme, IUCN …   | French

04 Mar 2014 | Article
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Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Progress update: moving on from CITES CoP 16

Almost a year after CITES Cop 16, member countries in the Pacific are meeting to prepare for the listing of seven shark and ray species on Appendix II of CITES this September. …  

13 Feb 2014 | Article

Bruguiera swamp at Nasoata Island.

Nasoata for international wetlands list

Nasoata Island, in the Province of Rewa in Fiji, is a proposed Wetland of International Importance. Discussions are currently underway between the Fiji Government, SPREP, USP, IUCN and other partners about applying for its listing on the Ramsar Convention.   …  

13 Feb 2014 | News story

Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2013

A global perspective on re-introduction

From mangroves to spiders, trout to bobcat, the latest edition of Global Re-introduction Perspectives presents 52 case studies on re-introduction projects from around the world. …  

05 Feb 2014 | News story

Giant Guitarfish

A quarter of sharks and rays threatened with extinction

A quarter of the world’s sharks and rays are threatened with extinction according to The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, with ray species found to be at a higher risk than sharks. The findings are part of the first ever global analysis of these species carried out by the IUCN Shark Specialist Group (SSG). …   | Dutch

21 Jan 2014 | News story

Laniana Bainimua, IUCN Oceania

Remembering one of our own

IUCN Oceania mourns the passing of a colleague and dear friend, Mrs Laniana Bainimua, who left us on 29 December 2013. La was one of the few who joined the regional office a year after its establishment in 2007. She worked as our janitor for a total of six years and was affectionately regarded by everyone. …  

14 Jan 2014 | Article
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