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Economics of coastal zone management in the Pacific

Economics of coastal zone management in the Pacific

This publication synthesises a wide diversity of intofmration on economic pressures on the coastal sector, highlighting examples of impacts and providing a rationale for their responses, all from an economic perspective. It serves as an introduction to many aspects of coastal zone management as well as the various drivers and pressures to which coastal zones are exposed. …  

14 Jan 2013 | Downloads - publication
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Yuraygir National Park

The largest coastal park in New South Wales

Yuraygir National Park and State Conservation Area (and Solitary Islands Marine Park and South West Solitary Island Nature Reserve) Australia …  

05 Aug 2011 | Fact sheet
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Proceedings of the regional workshop on trade in corals and determining non-detrimental findings

This report is divided into four sections. Part I provides an introduction to the coral trade in the Pacific, while Part II contains presentations by individual government representatives. Part III provides a summary of management instruments, particularly in relation to NDFs and the establishment of quotas. Part IV provides a short discussion on issues. …  

04 Aug 2011 | Downloads - document

Curio Point

One of the cleanest places on earth

Lord Howe Island World Heritage Site, Australia …  

29 Jun 2011 | Fact sheet
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Compliance and Enforcement for Coastal Fisheries Management in Fiji

 Fiji’s inshore marine environment, and in particular the reef ecosystem, is unique for its abundance and diversity of life. Fijians have a strong tradition of connection to the coastal environment. As recognised in the 2005 Pacific Islands Regional Ocean Policy, “throughout the region, customary association with the sea forms the basis of present day social structures, livelihoods and tenure systems and traditional systems of stewardship governing its use.” Inshore fisheries are also an essential component of the economy. In the recentpast, inshore fisheries have contributed an amount roughly equivalent to the contribution of the offshore fishery. …  

08 Feb 2011 | Downloads - document

Global Ocean Protection

Global ocean protection : present status and future possibilities

Global ocean protection : present status and future possibilities …  

23 Nov 2010 | Downloads - publication

Fish in the Great Barrier Reef

The Marine Protected Area you see from space

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia …  

25 Oct 2010 | Fact sheet

Sue Mainka

Darwin’s inspiration for his theory on Evolution

The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, World Heritage Site …  

19 Jul 2010 | Fact sheet

marine programme

Marine protected areas – Why do we need them?

Oceans cover almost three-quarters of the earth's surface and play a crucial role in tackling climate change. Why are they so important, what threats do they face and how can we protect them? …  

09 Feb 2010 | Fact sheet