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Compliance and Enforcement for Coastal Fisheries Management in Fiji

 Fiji’s inshore marine environment, and in particular the reef ecosystem, is unique for its abundance and diversity of life. Fijians have a strong tradition of connection to the coastal environment. As recognised in the 2005 Pacific Islands Regional Ocean Policy, “throughout the region, customary association with the sea forms the basis of present day social structures, livelihoods and tenure systems and traditional systems of stewardship governing its use.” Inshore fisheries are also an essential component of the economy. In the recentpast, inshore fisheries have contributed an amount roughly equivalent to the contribution of the offshore fishery. …  

08 Feb 2011 | Downloads - document

Supporting Protected Area Management in Fiji

The IUCN Regional Office for Oceania is pleased to announce the release of a legal briefing paper on existing legal mechanisms for establishment and management of terrestrial protected areas in Fiji. The paper was prepared by IUCN on behalf of Birdlife International. The paper is intended to inform the work of non-government organisations and government agencies working with local communities to establish and effectively manage protected areas in Fiji. …  

03 Sep 2008 | Downloads - publication
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