Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative 2010 Annual Report

03 May 2011 | Downloads - publication
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On behalf of the Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative (PICCC) I'm pleased to announce the publication of our first Annual Report. The PICCC is a collaborative of federal and state agencies, indigenous organizations, research institutions and non-governmental organizations working together to develop climate change adaptation knowledge, tools and strategies for the conservation of Pacific Islands biocultural heritage.

The PICCC was is part of a network of conservation cooperatives established in 2009 - 2010 and funded initially by the U.S. Department of Interior. By leveraging the collective capacity of its members, building a team of experts, and funding research projects, the PICCC provides critical resources for Pacific Island communities adapting to a changing climate.


1 Comment
1 Thanapas
It's a sad story and a serious problem which should be solved! I think PICCC should give help and find decisions in such situation.

September 7, 2011 - 11:23
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