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Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Indicators for North Africa …   | French

28 Oct 2011 | Project description

IUCN Med, Mediterranean, mammals

Improving capacity for species conservation in the Mediterranean region

Training in the preparation and implementation of Species Conservation Strategies in three Maghreb countries …   | French | Spanish

06 Aug 2011 | Project description

Oasis, Algérie

Improving oasis governance in Tunisia

Improving governance to support better livelihood security and ecosystem management in the drylands of Africa …   | French | Spanish

02 Aug 2011 | Project description

Esparto craftsmanship

Agroforestry resources in priority areas of North Africa

Support sustainable livelihoods through the development of governance systems and sustainable management …   | French | Spanish

01 Aug 2011 | Project description

IUCNMed, IUCN Med, Mediterranean, Fin whale, balaenoptera physalus, medoffice, marine, species, medoffice.

Governance of the Mediterranean

Countries of the South and North sides of the Mediterranean …   | French

08 Feb 2011 | Project description