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Schematic framework of anthropogenic climate change drivers, impacts, and responses

Mediterranean Resilience in the face of climate change

 Strengthening of the social, ecological and agricultural resilience in the mediterranean ecosystems and watersheds face to global change and others factors of changes. …   | French | Spanish

22 Nov 2011 | Project description

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Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Indicators for North Africa …   | French

28 Oct 2011 | Project description

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Improving capacity for species conservation in the Mediterranean region

Training in the preparation and implementation of Species Conservation Strategies in three Maghreb countries …   | French | Spanish

06 Aug 2011 | Project description

Oasis, Algérie

Improving oasis governance in Tunisia

Improving governance to support better livelihood security and ecosystem management in the drylands of Africa …   | French | Spanish

02 Aug 2011 | Project description

Esparto craftsmanship

Agroforestry resources in priority areas of North Africa

Support sustainable livelihoods through the development of governance systems and sustainable management …   | French | Spanish

01 Aug 2011 | Project description

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Governance of the Mediterranean

Countries of the South and North sides of the Mediterranean …   | French

08 Feb 2011 | Project description