Convention on Biological Diversity

22 MAY : International Day for Biological Diversity

Theme 2010:  Biodiversity for Development and Poverty Alleviation …  

10 Aug 2009 | Event

Conselleria de Medi Ambient

Conference Ecomediterranea: Towards a sustainable development of Mediterranean Sea

24 - 25 September 2009 - Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) …  

22 Jul 2009 | Event

Copenhagen: Let’s solve the Climate & Development Nexus

Members of the climate & development Network, formed by nearly 40 African and French NGOs, met for a capacity building workshop in Tunisia from 25th to 27th of May this year. For this occasion, they worked on elements which are critical for the new agreement on climate change to be adopted on next December in Copenhagen. …  

29 Jun 2009 | Event


UNESCO World Heritage Committee

33rd session of the Committee …  

22 Jun 2009 | Event

Biodiversity hotspots in the Mediterranean area

species, communities and landscape level …  

22 Jun 2009 | Event


Agricultura y Ganadería Ecológicas Mediterráneas

XV Jornadas Técnicas SEAE …  

18 Jun 2009 | Event

Mides canyons in South Tunisia

Applied GIS on freshwater biodiversity assessment in North Africa

Following the North-African members’ recommendation on their interest in getting environmental training activities, the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation is organising a regional workshop on “Applied GIS on freshwater biodiversity assessment in North Africa” that will take place in Tunis (Tunisia) between the 19th and the 23rd of January 2009.  

19 Jan 2009 | Event

Mediterranean coralligenous  assemblage

Enhancing Engagement of IUCN-MED With Members and Commissions

Malaga (Spain), 28 - 29 January 2009 …  

01 Dec 2008 | Event



01 Dec 2008 | Event

Mediterranean landscape
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