International symposium on water and wetlands in the Mediterranean from Grado to Agadir: The next twenty years.

19 September 2011 | Event

It will be held in the city of Agadir in Morocco from 6-8 February 2012.

The Ramsar Convention, the MedWet Initiative and the High Commissariat for Water, Forests and Desertification Control of Morocco announce the organisation of an International Symposium on Water and Wetlands in the Mediterranean, together with the collaboration of BirdLife International, IUCN, the Tour du Valat Research Centre, Wetlands International and WWF International as key partners in the organization of this event.

This new International Symposium aims to review the current situation of water and wetlands in the Mediterranean, identify new challenges and plan for the next 20 years. Important objectives are to highlight the changes occurring in the Mediterranean and their potential impact on wetlands, to identify ways in which wetland resources can be used sustainably, with a strong emphasis on water resources, and to provide ways for closer cooperation between experts and decision-makers in the Mediterranean involved in the water sector, wetlands, biodiversity and other related fields.

The meeting will include plenary sessions and workshops on key issues such as sustainable water resources management, climate change and adaptation, and wise (sustainable) use of wetlands and their services, as well as other activities you can find more information about on the event site.

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