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<em>Rosalina alpina</em>

European Habitats Forum

The European Habitats Forum (EHF) assembles leading European nature conservation organisations to provide advice on the implementation and future development of EU biodiversity policy, including improving integration into sectoral policies. …  

26 Aug 2011 | Project description

Phengaris (Maculinea) teleiu

European Red List

Biodiversity is being lost and ecosystem services are being degraded at an alarming rate. There is growing global concern about the status of the natural resources upon which so much of human life depends. Without reliable and timely information on the status and trends of biodiversity, there is little hope of stemming the extinction crisis. …  

26 Aug 2011 | Project description

Sea urchin

Europe overseas: Valuable, Vulnerable, Vital

IUCN builds partnerships for Europe Overseas to meet biodiversity and climate change challenges. The European Union (EU) has hundreds of small islands and large stretches of land spread across the four corners of the Earth from polar to tropical latitudes. …  

22 Apr 2011 | Project description