Training guidelines for involving CSOs from SEE in implementation of EU nature-related legislation

Engaging CSOs in EU nature-related legislation

The published guidelines intend to assist experts of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in their effective engagement in national conservation efforts and to provide them with a tool for delivering knowledge to CSO members. Special attention in all sections of the publication is given to the role CSOs can play in the planning and implementation of conservation measures in the wider countryside and engagement of other stakeholders for coherent decision making. …  

13 Jul 2012 | Downloads - publication

Participants of the 6th Pan-European Green Belt Conference

European Green Belt calls: Save Mavrovo National Park

The 6th Pan-European Conference on the European Green Belt in the Mavrovo National Park (FYR Macedonia) closed with an appeal for the conservation and protection of the natural treasures so far preserved in the shadow of the former Iron Curtain. The European Green Belt with a total length of 12.500 kilometers reaching across Europe is a connected habitat representing an invaluable place of retreat for many plant and animal species. …  

11 Jul 2012 | News story
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TransParcNet meeting 2012

European Transboundary Parks meet again

This year’s EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Network (TransParcNet) meeting took place between 11-14 June 2012 in one of the most exceptional transboundary protected areas in Europe – the Trilateral Pasvik-Inari Park formed by the Inari-Vätsäri Wilderness Area (Finland), Øvre-Pasvik National Park (Norway), and Pasvik Zapovednik (Russia). The meeting marked progress in cooperation between IUCN and the EUROPARC Federation, organizer of the event and an IUCN Member.  …  

04 Jul 2012 | News story
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Adriatic coast, Croatia

Green Economy: the Adriatic-Ionian Region plans post-Rio+20

State representatives and stakeholders from the Adriatic-Ionian Region met at a Side Event during the Rio+20 Conference to discuss past achievements and prospects for post-Rio interventions to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth in the region. Tomasz Pezold from the IUCN office in Belgrade presented IUCN’s role in this process. …  

27 Jun 2012 | News story
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Velipojë Protected Landscape, Albania

Managing protected areas in Albania: Advance Albania Newsletter out

In less than five years, Albania has doubled the coverage of protected areas in the country. Protected areas are an opportunity for the country not only because they protect nature but because they ensure a future for the country's sustainable development as well. This is the key message of the first issue of the Newsletter for the “Institutional Support for Protected Areas in Albania” project produced by IUCN which can be found here. …  

25 Jun 2012 | News story
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Dinaric Arc - Transboundary Cooperation

At the crossroads of conservation and development

Transboundary cooperation among adjacent countries epitomizes the ambition of the Rio +20 conference. As discussed during the side event organized by IUCN and the Italian Government (DGCS) at the UN Conference on sustainable development (Rio+20), it offers some early results and insights into the relevance of natural resource management for the green economy. …  

18 Jun 2012 | News story

"Codri" forestland, central Moldova

Discovering the biodiversity of Moldova

Moldova, its 116 rare and endangered species, and more, are in the spotlight of this month's European Country Focus. …  

06 Jun 2012 | News story
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People and bees

Funding nature in Serbia and Montenegro

IUCN prepared an overview of potential donors for nature conservation and environmental protection in Serbia and Montenegro, as part of the Capacity building for conservation action project. The information is gathered from available Internet sources of donors in Serbia and Montenegro, and oral communication with IUCN SEE project partners and associates on most relevant nature conservation funding sources in the two respective countries. …  

29 May 2012 | News story

MoU signing in Plav, MNE

Albania and Montenegro join for local action

Common understanding for sustainable development in the border region of Prokletije/Bjeshkët e Namuna Mountains was officially announced on 8 May 2012, when Local Action Groups (LAGs) of Albania and Montenegro signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), agreeing to strengthen the cooperation in environmental protection, tourism and recreation. …  

24 May 2012 | News story

Velipojë Protected Landscape

Joint planning for protected areas

The first quarter of 2012 saw the first phase of the preparation of the management plans for the Buna River and Surrounding Wetlands Protected Landscape, and the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park in the framework of a project led by IUCN in Albania. …  

12 Apr 2012 | News story