Donor: European Commission (EC)

Project Title: Securing Rights and Restoring Lands for Improved Livelihoods

Final beneficiaries &/or target groups

Local dryland communities in  the villages of Bokspits, Rappelspan, Vaalhoek and Struizendam which make up the BORAVAST villages in Botswana.

Site Description

The project component in Botswana consists of four communities which are collectively referred to as BORAVAST (named after the villages of Bokspits, Rappelspan, Vaalhoek and Struizendam) in the Kalahari ecosystem. The larger villages are Struizendam and Bokspits (which is located at the confluence of the Molopo and Nossob Rivers) while Vaalhoek and Rappelspan are the smallest of the four villages. Bokspits is the “economic hub” of the four villages hosting the government departments, the school, an electrified guesthouse, the water purification dam/plant, a larger grocery store as well as basic restaurants/eating houses. It also has easy access to the South Africa border posts via tarred roads. Women are well represented in the structures of the community especially on the Village Development Cooperation (VDC), the BORAVAST Trust and with a female Kgosi (chief) at Bokspits. Mainly Afrikaans but also Setswana is spoken in all four villages.

As IUCN’s approach is to strengthen governance as a platform for sustainable resource management, the village of Khawa is included in the project and the Khawa community is engaged in some of the project activities (e.g. participatory planning). The Khawa grazing area overlaps with the grazing area of the BORAVAST villages.