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Conservation as a Core asset for Livelihood Security in Eastern Africa

Livelihood security in Eastern Africa is inextricably linked with the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources. While there are efforts under way to mainstream the environment in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, there is still a great need for an improved understanding of the poverty-environment linkages and in facilitating community-policy linkages to catalyze changes.


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Life support: Human health and the environment

HIV/AIDS & Environment Linkages

In sub-Saharan Africa, HIV/AIDS is not only a health crisis, but a challenge to development, since HIV/AIDS affects nearly every dimension of social and economic life. But what is the link to the environment


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Fishing on Lake Kosi in St Lucia, South Africa

Marine resources & livelihoods

Some 30 million people live in the coastal region of the Western Indian Ocean, many highly dependent on its marine resources and having a significant impact on resource status. A majority of these coastal communities are categorized as living at or below national poverty lines. Over-fishing and destructive fishing techniques that cause habitat destruction, coupled with a rising population are of increasing concern in Eastern Africa.


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Scales of Justice

Influencing policy: IGAD conference & MP tours

At the policy and senior decision making level the lessons learned from the community level as well as additional detailed studies are used to make the case to policy and senior decision makers. Examples are IGAD Directors of Conservation and Economic Planning Meetings or Members of Parliament Tours.


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