Seychelles Government

Half of Seychelles land territory to be protected

The Seychelles Government has announced that it will soon declare new protected areas in the archipelago, which will result in half (50.59%) of all Seychelles land becoming protected under the law. …  

21 Jun 2011 | Article
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Skydive for Rhinos takes place on Saturday 6 August 2011 (alternate: Saturday 13 August, in case of bad weather) at Durban Skydive Centre’s base in Eston, next to Tala Game Reserve.

ACT skydives for rhinos

Thirty staff members and supporters of the African Conservation Trust (a member of IUCN) will bravely put aside their fear of heights and jump out of a plane to raise awareness and funding for anti-poaching activities and the protection of South Africa’s remaining black and white rhino populations. They will also be accompanied by Andrew Zaloumis, CEO of iSimangaliso Wetland Park and Jabulani Ngubane, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s Rhino Conservation Officer. …  

21 Jun 2011 | Article
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A marine turtle in the Red Sea, Egypt

Multiple ocean stresses threaten “globally significant” marine extinction

An international panel of experts warns in a report released today that marine species are at risk of entering a phase of extinction unprecedented in human history. …  

20 Jun 2011 | News story

Muheza District Commissioner giving his remarks

Community Voices at the Launching Day

“We face a lot of challenges in water resources management, this includes: source destruction, water pollution, water scarcity, illegal borehole drilling, unplanned construction activities near water sources, poor understanding of integrated water resources management, limited funds and limited working equipment for our water users association” stated Mr. Olairivan Mollel’s during a launching event of 6 Water Users Associations (WUA) in Pangani Basin. The event took place at the Naura Springs Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania on the 30th of May, 2011. Mr. Mollel is the Chairperson for the Upper Kikuletwa Water Users Association (one of the five WUAs launched on the day). …  

16 Jun 2011 | Article
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Deputy Minister for Water, Hon. Gerson Lwenge, unveils the constitutions for the new Water Users Associations.

The Launch of Six Water Users Associations: A Historical Undertaking in the Pangani Basin

The Pangani Basin Water Board launched six Water Users Associations (WUA) on the May 30th, 2011. The high profile event was attended by the Deputy Minister for Water, Hon. Gerson Lwenge, who in his launching speech stated, “We Tanzanians consider ourselves as part of the reason for the growing water stress in the globe, but most importantly we are also part of the solution”. He continued “…at the government we are set to delegate powers to manage water resources to users themselves as indicated in the National Water Sector Development Strategy. This is providing users with an opportunity to play a central role in solving most of water related stresses within communities and hence around the globe.” …  

16 Jun 2011 | Article
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Arabian Oryx

A grain of hope in the desert

The regal Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx), which was hunted to near extinction, is now facing a more secure future according to the latest update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Its wild population now stands at 1,000 individuals.   …   | French | Spanish

16 Jun 2011 | News story

Vegetable Garden

IUCN links population, health and environment in Northern Kenya

IUCN is improving the livelihoods of people in dryland areas by building government’s capacity to integrate population, health and environment in the Northern Kenya districts of Garissa and Garba Tula. This initiative is expected to involve experts from the health and environment sectors bringing out new lessons on the interactions between population, health and the environment, especially among pastoral communities. …  

10 Jun 2011 | Article
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The Tigerfish, Hydrocynus vittatus (LC), a species popular among the sport fishing community. This iconic species is generally common and abundant with a wide distribution across Africa, but is locally depleted by heavy fishing pressure

Lifeline for Africa’s freshwater species

Gland, Switzerland, 9th June, 2011 (IUCN) – Africa is being given a unique opportunity to conserve its tremendous diversity of freshwater species – a critical resource for many of Africa’s poorest people. African countries can now decide to use their water resources sustainably, and avoid paying millions of dollars, as is the case in Europe, to rectify poorly planned wetland development. …   | French | Arabic

09 Jun 2011 | International news release

Great Indian Bustard (Ardeotis nigriceps)

Big birds lose out in a crowded world

One of the world’s largest species of bird is on the brink of extinction according to the 2011 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for birds, just released by BirdLife International, an IUCN Red List partner.  …  

07 Jun 2011 | International news release

A lion in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serenity on the Serengeti?

It may be inconceivable that world-famous places like the Serengeti plain of Africa could be anything but secure. But like many other World Heritage sites, the very features which draw thousands of visitors each year are under pressure. …  

01 Jun 2011 | News story