RESULT 1: National Working Groups established in Phase One participate in the management of water resources and use shared knowledge and improved consensus to contribute to decision making at the national and regional level: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Viet Nam, Thailand

RESULT 2: Livelihood concerns of local communities are integrated into decision making in the areas of river basin management and wetlands governance, through multistakeholder dialogues to address livelihood improvement at the project locations.

The geographical areas within which specific sites will be identified are:
Cambodia: Stung Treng (Wetlands) and Tonle Sap Lake (IWRM)
Lao PDR: Champasak (Wetlands), Mekong River Basin (IWRM)
Thailand: Bang Pakong and other River Basins (IWRM/Tai Baan)
Viet Nam: Mekong delta

Result 3: Learning from regional knowledge on participatory water governance collated and communicated by the project is used by various stakeholders in policy and practice in the Lower Mekong Region.

Result 4: Strategic partnerships and alliances are established at the regional level to promote water governance policies that support livelihood security, human and ecosystem health in the Lower Mekong region